| Ministry of Truth Guild Charter |
We are a mature, family-oriented, casual PvE/Raiding Horde guild on the Winterhoof-Kilrogg (US) Servers. The majority of our community is made up of working class adults with families. By adult we mean (21 years old or older). As most of us have families, we try and keep a reasonably clean atmosphere in-game.
We have a casual PVE/RAID schedule based with both EST and PST options. All PVE/RAID activities are voluntary for those that wish to participate. The casual player can jump in when they have time, if they wish to. For more "hardcore" players, we will attempt to have regularly scheduled events to allow for advancement. REMEMBER: Being casual doesn't mean you have to miss any aspect of the game.
MOT strives to focus on all aspects of the game, including Raiding, Questing, crafting, and all PVE and PVP content. We plan to schedule annual guild events to help grow our community of like-minded players.
To have fun and enjoy the playing with the people within our guild. (REMEMBER: WoW is just a game). We may not get to the top the fastest, but we will have fun getting there. As a casual guild, we place more importance on experiencing all that World of Warcraft has to offer at the our own pace. To us, it is not about rushing to level cap and rushing to make server firsts, but to enjoy solid team-work and a great guild community.
MOT members may play any race/class combo that they wish (as long as it falls under the Horde), however we may limit recruitment for a specific class when we have an overwhelming amount in that class. We will allow up to 3 alternate characters per player, after they are a full member. There will not be a mandatory level that you must reach at any given time or are required to have to be accepted into the guild.
Play as much as you like or as little as you like. Members may participate in any aspect of the guild, as they wish. We do ask that if you are on during a major guild event, that you participate. We ask that if you sign up for an event, that you make every effort to attend, but we all understand that real life always comes first. Your fellow guild members are relying on you to be available.
More information on event sign up, scheduling, and Loot, can be found in our MOT Guild Rules and Policies.