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A big thank you to everyone who came out yesterday for the anniversary event!  Congratulations to all the prize winners--I hope you enjoy your goodies!

Next year will be MoT's TENTH ANNIVERSARY.  I had talked to a few people privately to get an idea of how folks might react to the idea of celebrating that incredible milestone with a REAL LIFE MEET UP.  Obviously, the results of that were favorable, and I announced it officially yesterday: We will be working toward meeting up for a real life 10th anniversary celebration. . . in Las Vegas, NV.  I decided on Vegas because, as a tourist destination, it's easy to get to and frequently the subject of special promotions and sales from travel sites.  NO DATE HAS BEEN SET.  We will talk more about this over the course of the next year.  I wanted to announce this now for those who will need to budget in travel expenses should they wish to attend.

And, as Doc reminded me. . . What happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas!

Hard to believe that it's been (nearly) NINE YEARS since this guild got started!  I'm not sure of the actual date, myself. . . I know when I joined (February 4th, 2009) and Gellicaan joined within a day or so of that.  Other than the seldom seen founders Takaos and Snarlstorm, Gelli and I are the oldest guildies still around by a few months.  The real population explosion was still a few months away, and I'm pleased to say that many of those folks are still with us today--Lith (in all his altoholic glory), Stuey, Zithia, Htil, Ruffo and more that I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention as I write this without looking up invite dates. 

Ministry of Truth wouldn't be the guild it is without our amazing members.  Thank you, everyone, for helping to make us the community we are today.  I'm looking forward to another amazing year.

Guild Anniversary Party:  January 21st.  The Call of the Scarab event starts on this date and it might be fun to participate as a group.  Time TBA.

This year, instead of only giving away prizes during the actual party, I am making the giveaways truly random amongst active guildies by assigning each member who logs in to a character in the week prior to the party a number.  Throughout the festivities, numbers will be "drawn" by /roll and prizes awarded regardless of attendance.  Store mounts and pets are on sale, so I'm sure you can all guess some of what will be featured!  But please, attend the event if you can.  It's always a ton of fun!