| Ministry of Truth Guild Rules |
In a perfect world, everyone would have enough common sense that rules would no longer be necessary. Unfortunately, we don't live in that perfect world. Thus, we have some basic rules that we ask every member to abide by. Our rules aren't guidelines. They are the rules. If you can't abide by them then you will be removed from the guild. You get what you put into a guild and we believe that the people we recruit have the morals and values to uphold and abide by these rules. Like any other guild, we don't want any drama. After all, this is a game first and foremost, and we're all here to have fun.
All Officers should be treated with respect. They have volunteered their time to help make our guild the best it can be. They take no joy in dealing with problems, so please, take a moment to thank the Officers from time to time. They are in their positions because of the pride they have and the love of the game. They have every authority to silence you in game if you act up or cause problems. Any action that an Officer deems contrary to the morals and values of the Guild will be noted and the member in question will be warned. Multiple warnings will result in immediate removal from the guild.
As a member of MOT, you are a direct representation of our guild whether you are grouped with fellow guild members or with a pickup group somewhere. Please act accordingly. ‘Ninja Looting’ and ‘Griefing’ of other players and groups will not be tolerated. Please act in a manner that reflects MOT's values. This also carries over to World of Warcraft community forums: please do NOT get involved in battles with forum trolls or flame wars.
Please limit the use of offensive/foul language in guild chat.  When using voice chat, groups may self-police (ie, if someone is using language that offends you, ask them to stop).  Please keep in mind that many guild members do have children who may be hearing or reading chat and may not appreciate their kids learning exciting new words and phrases from the guild!
In addition, characters that have in-game names that are deemed offensive will be asked to leave the guild (or change the character name) as a courtesy to all members. If a member has an alt whose name is deemed offensive, the member can remain in the guild with the main character, however the alt will be asked to leave the guild. I know this may sound harsh, but again, we are trying to promote a family atmosphere here. Rule of thumb: if you wouldn't be comfortable using the name of the character in front of your grandma or a 4 year-old, it probably isn't safe here either.
All Ministry of Truth members are required to abide by Blizzard's EULA. Anyone caught violating this will be removed from the guild.
Guild events and grouping will require you to use the in game Calendar. Grouping, whether for a quest chain, instance, or raid, will be determined by who signed up first. Arguments will not be tolerated and guild members will be brought in prior to using any non-guild members. Remember guild members come first. We are a community. There is no reason to exclude your fellow guild members to satisfy a need to balance a group.
Drama will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. Should you have a problem with another member, we ask that you contact one of the officers to explain the situation. All involved parties will have their say, privately, during this time. Evidence and information will be provided to all Officers for review. Please use common sense when you're upset, don’t bring it to guild chat or personally attack a fellow member, deal with it through an Officer.
Because of the potential for drama that comes with organized raiding--indeed, the ONLY source of drama this guild has ever experienced--members who choose to raid with more than one raid team MUST have different characters for each team with which they choose to participate to avoid conflicts on gearing and progression.
Rules violations will be dealt with on a per incident basis. There is no three strikes rule here. Decisions will be made based on the severity of the transgression. Members who consistently violate rules will be removed from the guild. Officers have every authority to remove you from the guild based on observations and warnings. All chat will be logged with screenshots during the incident so don’t expect to be able to argue with other Officers or a GM.